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  • State party term
Definition A State party to a treaty has consented to be bound by the treaty, and for this State the treaty is in force. Remark
N.B.: As regards the plural -- States parties, States party, State parties -- there is no set convention, e.g., in international law, though "States parties" (or States Parties) appears most frequently. This is a case of the two nouns -- States and parties -- being used in apposition. If, however, a writer wishes to emphasize this aspect of being party to -- the "States who are party to" a given instrument, as opposed to the States who are not -- "party" should be singular. E.g.: "States party to the X treaty". If it is "state" that is modifying parties -- that is, say, the "State parties" as opposed to the non-State parties to a given agreement -- then the word "state" would be singular.

As regards capitalization, the word "State" is capitalized at the United Nations. The Editorial Control Section guidelines, as of 2009, advised that in formal texts "Parties" (or Party) was also capitalized, while in informal contexts parties/party was in lower-case.
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  • État partie term
Definition Bien noter la majuscule au substantif seulement. Remark
Pluriel: des États parties.

  • Estado parte term
    Source: S: ONUG - Términos Jurídicos (E-S) Sureda;
Definition Estado que ha consentido en obligarse por el tratado y con respecto al cual el tratado está en vigor (Convención de Viena sobre el Derecho de los Tratados).

  • государство-участник term

  • 缔约国 term
  • 当事国 synonym

  • دولة طرف term
    Source: ATS – UNTERM Project
دولة طرف في المعاهدة
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