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  • extra-legal execution term
  • extrajudicial killing synonym
  • extrajudicial execution synonym
  • extra-legal killing synonym
  • extra-judicial execution variant
  • extra-judicial killing variant
  • extralegal execution variant
  • extralegal killing variant
Definition Killings committed -- e.g., by vigilante groups or secret government agents--outside judicial or legal process -- that is, in contravention of, or simply without, due process of law. Remark
Example: the killing by government agents of "civilians" on the grounds that they are suspected of being terrorists or of abetting terrorists, or, say, of being leaders of illicit drug cartels. Such killing is condemned by international law.
As defined in the US Torture Victim Protection Act of 1991, Section 3 (a): "A deliberated killing not authorized by a previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples. Such term, however, does not include any such killing that, under international law, is lawfully carried out under the authority of a foreign nation."
A distinction is made between the killing of enemy soldiers, who, because they are combatants, are not considered entitled to due process, and the killing of people who are not declared combatants. Only the latter qualifies as "extrajudicial killing". This has led to considerable debate regarding specific instances of the killings of leaders of political groups.
Extrajudicial: done outside of a court's jurisdiction; not founded upon or dependent upon the authority of a court.
Note: In certain circumstances, an extra-legal execution is also an arbitrary execution.
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  • exécution extrajudiciaire term

  • ejecución extrajudicial term
    Source: S: Recopil. STS (consultado en diciembre de 2009);

  • внезаконная казнь term
    Source: RUTERM (дата обращения: 10 января 2019 г.)
  • внесудебная казнь synonym
    Source: RUTERM (дата обращения: 10 января 2019 г.)

  • 法外处决 term
  • 未经司法程序的杀人 synonym
  • 法外杀人 synonym

  • إعدام خارج نطاق القانون term
  • إعدام خارج القضاء/اختصاص المحاكم synonym
  • إعدام خارج عن القانون synonym
  • إعدام بغير محاكمة synonym
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