Bitext Aligner - Quick Start Guide [Updated]

  • 1. Introduction

    The Bitext Aligner is an application intended to facilitate the exchange of translated content between tools and/or translators with little or no loss of critical data. It allows users … more

  • 2. How to access the Bitext Aligner

    The Bitext Aligner tool is available on the eConference Portal for registered users. Log in with your username and password. By default, your username is <first … more

  • 5. Special cases

    In this chapter, we explain the steps that are normally followed in special cases, such as reissues. The standard operating procedures in your organization might set different steps. Always consult … more

  • 6. Practical tips

    In this chapter, we offer some practical tips to facilitate navigation through the use of shortcuts and resolve known issues, such as discrepancies in segmentation among the source and target … more

  • 7. Other guides

    In this chapter, we include a list of legacy guidelines, as well as special procedures applicable in some organizations. The guides are permanently stored in and are available for … more

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