eAPG User Manual

  • About


    This user’s guide to eAPG describes the in-house automated system for the assignment of interpreters to UN meetings. It has been prepared mainly for the administrative and management … more

  • Introduction


    The interpretation service at each duty station provides interpretation services to UN conferences and meetings in the six official UN languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, … more

  • Common Abbreviations

    Common Abbreviations

    Several abbreviations are used by interpretation services.  To better understand the business of Interpretation Services and eAPG it is best to first understand the … more

  • Overview of the APG

    Overview of the APG

    Project history

    In 1990-1991 the Technological Innovation Service (TIP) of DAM developed the first version of the Assignment Program (main programmer, Geoffrey Ngoumo, ITSD/UN … more

  • eAPG Modules

    eAPG Modules

    The APG includes several integrated modules, as follows:

    ·         Interpreters Management Modules:

    o   Contracts Information … more

  • Accessing eAPG

    Accessing eAPG

     Users access the eAPG by using one of the following URLs (based on desired location):

    ·         https://icms.un.org/apg (UNHQ) … more

  • Security


    eAPG uses roles-based security.   The following roles exist for eAPG:

    ·         USER – default role, all users must have this … more

  • eAPG Navigation

    eAPG Navigation

    Navigation in eAPG follows a standard approach, with a left navigation menu, a header and a content area: … more

  • Interpreter Profile

    Interpreter Profile

    Functions overview

    This module is used to maintain details about interpreters including: … more

  • Annex: List of APG Reports

    Annex:  List of APG Reports

    Operational Reports

    ·         A001 - Daily Assignment Report

    Assignment Validation Reports … more

  • Meetings Modules

    Meetings Modules

    Organization Profiles

    In this module, you can search the existing Organizations in order to view their basic information, as well as all meetings which have been assigned to that … more

  • Reports


    eAPG Pro

    eAPG Pro has the ability to generate a small subset of the online reports, which have been deemed most important for use in the Windows application.

    Daily Assignment Report

    The … more

  • myAPG


    The myAPG portal is intended as a self-service program for interpreters.  In this portal, an interpreter can manage his or her own information, rather than having to coordinate through an … more

  • Staff Capacity

    Staff Capacity

    This module offers an overview of the availability of interpreters in such a way as to obtain a detailed list of which interpreters may be available for any particular range of dates … more

  • Assignment Module

    Assignment Module

    eAPG Pro

    eAPG Pro offers a dedicated interface for managing assignments, within a standard Windows GUI.  This interface gives the user an interface which should be familiar … more

  • Group Entry

    Group Entry

    Availability Manager

    The group entry module, availability, is used to manage contracts for WAE interpreters and leave for permanent interpreters.  This module may also be known as … more

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