4. The Contractors Section (Global Roster)

A roster of contractors for each duty station can be viewed by clicking on the “Contractors” link in the left menu pane  (Fig. 4.1):

Figure 4.1 – Accessing the Roster

Figure 4.1 – Accessing the Roster

By default, active contractors are displayed in alphabetical order. The user can filter the search by entering criterion in the Enter Selection Criteria section. number. Please note, that changing the status from “Active” to “All” will broaden your search results. Press the “Search” button to start your search (Fig. 4.2).

The list can be drilled down by entering one or more of the following criteria:

Last and First Name - Enter the last and first name of the contractor.

Index number - Enter the UN assigned index number of the contractor, if known.

Language from - Select the document's original language the contractor has translated in the past.

Language to - Select the document's target language the contractor needs to translate the document.

Function - Select the function that needs to be performed on the document.

Specialization - Select the area of speciality the contractor must have.

Duty Station - Select the duty station where the contractor works.

Preferred - Place a checkmark if you prefer to see contractors only from the selected duty station.

Status - Select the status of the contractor.

UN experience - Select the level of experience the contractor must have.

Contractor type - Select the type of contractor.

Figure 4.2 – The Roster and Its Main Functions

The contractor details (profile) can be accessed by clicking on the contractor’s name, which is displayed as a blue link. The contractor profile contains general information, such as the IMIS index number, first and last name, e-mail address, contractor type, status, etc. To access and edit detailed information on the languages, functions, specializations, profiles (personal history forms), bank details, payment information from IMIS, addresses, telephone numbers, availability, remarks, duty stations and additional IMIS indexes, click on the respective tab at the lower part of the profile screen (Fig. 4.3).

The contractor’s profile page has a “Shared remarks” field, which is only visible to Contractual in all duty stations and to the language sections user with access to the roster.

Figure 4.3 – Viewing Contractor’s Profile Page

Standing Offers - displays a list of offers made that are pending acceptance by the contractor. By default, the Approved offeres are listed first, the list can be filtered by:

  • Approved
  • Sent
  • Accepted
  • Cancelled

Assignments - for UNHQ only, displays a list of assignments for the selected contractor. By default, the In process assignments are listed first, the list can be filtered by:

  • In process
  • Completed
  • Finished
  • Cancelled

Contracts - for UNOV and UNON only, displays a list of contracts for the selected contractor. By default, the Completed contracts are listed first, the list can be filtered by:

  • In process
  • Completed
  • Finished
  • Cancelled

Quality Control - displays the quality control records for the contractor and their rating for the last 6 months.

Languages - displays the languages the contractor can translate, the languages can be edited, deleted or additional languages may be added.

Functions - displays the functions that have been assigned to the selected contractor. Additional functions and grades can be added.

Specializations - displays a list of specializations that the selected contractor posesses.

Profiles - displays the contractors PHP/CV.

Banks - displays the banking information for the contractor.

Payments - displays the payments the contractor as received.

Addresses - displays the contractor's address, more than one address can be listed.

Phone Numbers - displays the contact numbers for the contractor, these can be home, office, mobile, etc. phone numbers.

Availability - indicates whether the contractor is available or not.

Remarks - displays any notes that may have been entered for the selected contractor.

Duty Station(s) - displays the duty station(s) the contractor perfers to work from.

Indexes - displays additional index numbers for the contractor, if applicable.