7. Finishing a Job

As mentioned in the previous section of this manual, after a contractor or an agency uploads a job in the CMA it can be viewed in the lower part of the home screen (Fig. 7.1):

Figure 7.1 – Uploaded Documents by Contractors/Agencies

After a job is uploaded, you can view the D1 (for UNOV and UNON) and D2 (for UNHQ) information by clicking on the blue job number link. By pressing the blue down arrow you can view the list of files and open or save the uploaded document by a contractor or agency by clicking the blue file name link (Fig. 7.2):

Figure 7.2 – Accessing Files Uploaded by Contractors

In some cases, there may be more then one document uploaded. It is recommended that contractors ZIP the files together into one file for the ease of processing. After downloading the document, press the “Close” button to return to the home screen.

You can now access the contract or order form of the job number in question by clicking the blue contract/order link. After the form is opened, please go to the job data tab and press the “Edit” button next to the service in question (Fig. 7.3):

Figure 7.3 – Finishing a Job in CMA

After pressing the “Edit” button, please insert the completion date by using the calendar tool. Please save the changes by pressing the “Update” button. Your next step is to upload a document from the contractor, for UNHQ only the final version of the document can be uploaded, and for UNOV and UNON only a draft version of the document can be uploaded. Please use the green up arrow to open the pop-up upload window. Browse to the file that needs to be uploaded and select it. Confirm the action by pressing the “Upload” button. The file will be renamed automatically (Fig. 7.4).

You can upload several files. To do this, please repeat the procedure described above.  Should you need to upload more than one DOC or PDF file, please create a ZIP archive first. Upon successful upload, the file name will be displayed in the “Uploaded Files” column on the right of the screen.

Finally, to finish the job and to send it to the next processing step (quality control, presentation, printing, etc.), please press the “Finish” button next to each completed external service.

Figure 7.4 – Uploading a File From Contractor

Depending on the workflow arrangements, it might also be necessary to insert a Quality Control deadline next to “Quality control” service on the “Job data” page. This can be done by using the “Edit” button as well. Inserting the QC deadline will send the finished job to the intray of the respective language section.