The translation workspace

The translation workspace is the main window of eLUNa. It is the space where the user sets preferences and performs translation work, edits and reviews segments and performs other related actions.

1. Workspace main elements

The main elements of the translation workspace are:

(a) the main toolbar at the top,

(b) the source text column on the left, containing the text to be translated; and

(c) the target text column on the right, which contains the source text until each segment is replaced by its translation.

For details about toolbar icons, see “Opening a file for translation”, “Exporting translated text”, and “Informational features, help and feedback”.

The source text column shows segment numbers in the segment number bar. It also shows paragraph numbers and paragraph marks if those are activated (See “Showing paragraph marks and paragraph numbers in the source text”).

2. Segment background colours

Segments in the right column (target text) are displayed on a colour-coded background, which indicates segment status, as follows:

  • White background: Untranslated segment without suggestions; no matches at or above 65% found in Document Storage (See discovery). The active segment (the segment being translated) is also displayed on a white background;
  • Green background: Segments for which a perfect match (100%) was found in Document Storage;
  • Grey background: Untranslated segment with suggestions; which are matches between 65 and 99% found in Document Storage;
  • Pink background: Segments for which the source text has been auto-replaced for one of the following reasons: (a) it is in a list of fixed phrases and titles maintained specifically for the purpose of auto-replacing segments that are commonly found in United Nations documents; (b) the whole segment corresponds to an entry in UNTERM; (c) it is number, punctuation mark or other symbol; or (d) it is a 100 per cent match with a segment in another file uploaded under the same job number by the same translator;
  • Orange background: translated segment with a tentative status, set by the user to indicate that the segment needs review; or a segment that was closed without saving;
  • Blue background: translated segment save (confirmed) by the user in the current document. 

Segments in the left column (source text) are displayed on a white background with the following font colour codes and highlights:

  • Green font: Terminology. When the terminology layer under “View” in the main toolbar is turned on, strings of text that correspond to a recognized term are displayed in green font;
  • Blue and grey highlight: String match. When the string match layer under “View” in the main toolbar is turned on, and string matches are found within the segment, the text corresponding to the matching strings is highlighted in alternating grey and blue. The alternating highlight colors indicate matching strings from different sources.

                                                         Figure 1 - Colour coding in the source and target language columns 

The translation workspace contains other elements such as the search window (see “Text search”), the “Find and Replace” button (see “Find and replace”), the font size buttons (See “Resizing text”), job number information and help and feedback links (see “Informational features, help and feedback”).

Before starting work on a job, and in order to derive maximum benefit from eLUNa features and functionalities, you need to set your preferences (Refer to the various sections on setting preferences in this guide).