The main menu toolbar

After uploading your file and clicking on Translate, you will be taken to the Translation interface, where you will see the text for translation and will have access to a number of menus that we will describe in this chapter.

1. The main toolbar

The main menu toolbar located at the top of the eLUNa screen contains menus for various functionalities, including for setting preferences before or during translation.


    View menu:  select display options for terminology, suggestions, string match, styles and preview.

    Sources menu:  select reference documents and indexes used in your file.

    Pretranslation menu:  pretranslate your document based on terminology or previously translated text.

    Machine translation menu: select engines or deactivate machine translation for your document.

    Export menu:  export your document with or without comments.

    Settings menu: select display of paragraph number, segment navigation behaviour and propagate options.

    Doc info menu: see your original file, view statistics to reprocess indexes and terminology, see other files under your job number and reset your document.

    Quality Assurance menu: activate QA to check basic issues, terminology and consistency.

    Terminology menu: suggest a record for UNTERM or create a shared glossary of terms.

   Free-text search: type any text and search UN indexes.

   Find and Replace: search and replace text throughout your document, with an option to match case.

  Font size menu: decrease, reset or increase the font size. 

  Help menu:  report issues, access the help page, and see color codes and shortcuts.

2. Navigating the main menu with your keyboard

The eLUNa main toolbar can be navigated with the tab or arrow keys. To access menu items through keyboard shortcuts from within the eLUNa window:

  1. Press and release "Alt+0" to highlight the first menu item (the eLUNa logo).
  2. Browse through the menu items forward by pressing the "Tab" key, or browse backward by pressing "Shift + Tab".
  3. Press Enter to open the menu and use the arrow keys to expand and navigate the sub-items of the highlighted menu item.
  4. Press the space bar or "Enter" to open a sub-item.

Alt+0          Focus on main menu bar (eLUNa logo)

Alt+1          View

Alt+2          Sources

Alt+3          Pretranslation

Alt+4          Machine translation

Alt+5          Export

Alt+6          Settings

Alt+7          Document Information

Alt+8          QA Check

Alt+9          Terminology

Ctrl+Alt+S   Search 

Ctrl+Alt+F   Find and Replace

Alt+Minus    Decrease font size

Alt+Plus       Increase font size

Alt+F1         Help and report an issue