Setting preferences: Activating and deactivating machine translation; pretranslation

1. Activating and deactivating machine translation

Machine translation is activated by default. If you keep it activated, each segment you open will be sent for machine translation if there is no suggestion (white background). If you deactivate machine translation, the edit box will be left empty after you open a segment that does not have a suggestion. You can then either type/dictate the translation, or use the machine translation icon on the translation contextual toolbar to send the segment to machine translation.

  1. Click the “Machine translation” icon on the main toolbar to access machine translation options.
  2. Tapta4UN is selected by default.
  3. Check “None” to deactivate machine translation.

If the machine translation system stops working or becomes slow, you should deactivate it to avoid system slowdown.

                                                                   Figure 1 - The Machine Translation menu

2. Pretranslation

The Pretranslation menu has two options, which can be activated together or separately:

  • “Apply text”, to pretranslate using suggestions.
  • “Apply term”, to pretranslate using terminology.


                                                                   Figure 2 - The pretranslation menu

For more information on how to undo pretranslation, refer to the relevant question in the FAQs (click here).