Working with machine translation

eLUNa offers access to several machine translation engines that can be activated by default or on a segment basis. The engines used are based on different technologies and corpuses, and can produce different results.


1. MT main menu

The Machine Translation icon is available in the Main menu bar. Machine translation is activated by default. When activated, each segment you open will be sent for machine translation if there is no suggestion (white background). If you deactivate machine translation, the edit box will be left empty after you open a segment that does not have a suggestion. Keep in mind that, even if you turn the main MT menu OFF, you can always call machine translation directly from edit box, as explained in section 2 below.

The MT menu offers the following options:

  1. None: click to deactivate default MT.
  2. Tapta4UN: selected by default for all languages except Chinese.
  3. DeepL: available for English, French, Russian, Spanish and German.
  4. TCT: Tencent MT for English>Chinese. 


2. MT options in the edit box toolbar

The edit bar gives you access to different machine translation engines, depending on your target language. Click on the MT icon  to get machine translation from TAPTA4UN in any of the six official languages. DeepL  works for English, French, Russian, Spanish and German, while Tencent works for Chinese.