Contextual menus

Right-click on the source column to access a contextual menu with options to search for text, translate and sort country names based on the UN style rules for each language, and split or merge segments to improve detection of terminology or previously translated text.

1. Searching with LookUp

The LookUp function allows you to search for previously translated content in the repository of documents (bitexts). To use this function, select any string of text, right click, select LookUp and click on GO, or simple select the text and press F2.

                               screenshot of the Lookup menu, displaying index options available

To learn more about this feature and the filters available for LookUp searches, visit the dedicated chapter on Search tools.


2. Translating and sorting country names

The Translate country names functionality makes it easy to translate a list of countries and sort it in the alphabetical order of the target language. To translate and/or sort country names, follow these steps:

  1. Select the country names in the source language column.
  2. Right-click the highlighted text and select “Translate country names”.
  3. Select the translation and sorting options, which vary by target language.
  4. The country names are translated and sorted.

Keep in mind that misspelled country names or words other than country names will be added to the editbox as they appear in the source language.

                screenshot of the translate country name menu, with option to translate and sort with or without article                                                              

3. Splitting and merging segments

If a segment in the source text is not split where it should be, or if text that should be kept together is split into two or more segments, you can correct this by splitting a segment or merging two segments.

To split a segment:

  1. Highlight part of the text inside the segment to be split, from the beginning of the segment until the splitting point, or from the splitting point to the end of the segment. Do not highlight the whole segment or several segments.
  2. Right-click the highlighted text and select “Split segment”.
  3. To undo splitting, merge the two split segments.

To merge two segments:

  1. Right-click on a segment and select “Merge segment down” to merge with the one below; or “Merge segment up” to with the one above.
  2. To undo merging, split the segment at the same position.

               screenshot of split segment, and merge segment down and up options   

Please note:

  • An open segments cannot be merged. If the segment you want to merge is already open, close it before attempting to merge.
  • Segments separated by hard return can be merged as long as both segments have the same formatting style.
  • Segments with footnotes cannot be split.
  • Applied segments cannot be merged or split.