Informational features, help and feedback

1. Reference request

The “Reference request” feature provides additional reference-related assistance to users. If, while translating a given segment, you need help with finding references for a particular concept, expression, quotation, etc., you can use this feature to send a request to the reference team in your duty station or any other duty station.

To request references, click the “Reference request” icon on the translation contextual toolbar:


                                Figure 1 - The “Reference request” icon

This will open a popup window. Provide a brief description of what you need in the popup window and click “Send”.

The system will send an email to the reference team in the selected duty station (your duty station by default). The message automatically includes your name, your email address, a copy of the active segment and a link to the current document in eLUNa. The reference team will respond by email.


                                       Figure 2 - The “Reference request” icon and its popup window

2. Document processing statistics

After uploading a large file, you may not see all of the available matches immediately while eLUNa is processing the job. You can check the processing status as follows:

  1. Click the “Document information” icon in the main toolbar.
  2. Select “Document statistics”

The document statistics pane pops up displaying information about various aspects of document processing.

Click the “Search” button to reset discovery and display new suggestions based on bitexts you selected (See “Bitext and index selection”) or based on updated indexes. Important indexes are updated every hour. The coloured dots to the left of each element indicate the following:

  • Green dot: processing completed
  • Yellow dot: processing in progress
  • Red dot: processing not yet started.

                                                                              Figure 3 - Document processing information

3. Viewing the percentage of completion of the current document

On the main toolbar, click the “Document information” icon to see the percentage of completion of the current job.

                                                                           Figure 4 - Completion percentage

4. Opening the original source language document

To download the source language document in Word format, click the "Document information icon", then select "View original". 


                                                                             Figure 5 - View original 

5. Viewing job documents 

If there are other documents uploaded under the same job number, you can see them under “Job documents”. Open any of the documents by clicking the corresponding link. The documents open in the target language if they have been translated.


                                                                             Figure 6 - Job documents

6. Getting help and reporting issues

Click the “Help” link on the main toolbar to access assistance, instructional materials and other resources, including:

  • Report an issue button, to report issues to the Help Desk
  • Links to the User Guide, FAQs and instructional videos
  • Explanation of segment background color codes (hover the mouse pointer on a color to see its meaning);
  • eLUNa keyboard shortcuts (also accessible by pressing Shift+?).


                                                                                 Figure 7 - The Help menu

The "Report an issue" link allows you to report any problems you encounter while working in eLUNa. Make sure you provide a clear description on the issue and indicate what action on your part triggered the problem. Attach a screenshot if possible. Also remember to indicate to select "Yes" if the issue is preventing you from finishing your work. The issue will be assigned higher priority in that case.

                                Figure 8 - The Report and issue window

7. Providing feedback

Use the contacts at the bottom of the eConference portal page ( to provide feedback or send suggestions about eLUNa to your local team. You may also contact the eLUNa focal point for your language unit.

                                                              Figure 9 - The eConference portal contact page