About this guide

This guide is intended for United Nations on-site and off-site translators, revisers and verbatim reporters. It provides information and step-by-step instructions for using eLUNa, the United Nations online translation and revision platform. Since eLUNa is still evolving, this guide will be updated periodically to include new features and functionalities, as well as changes in existing ones. This part of the user guide only deals with the Translation interface. Separate onlines user guides exist for the Editorial interface and the eLUNa Search Application. For questions about the Translation interface user guide, or to suggest improvements, please contact unovgtextsupport@un.org.

Drafted by

Ibrahima Diallo (UNON)

Reviewed by

Cecilia Elizalde (UNHQ)

Jordina Guitart (UNHQ)

Vladimir Slavnov (UNHQ)

Natalia Bondonno (UNHQ)

James Stone (UNOV)

Yaroslav Kurennoy (UNOV)

Isabelle Delatour (UNHQ)

Isabelle Tauziet (UNHQ)

Kirill Borisov (UNOV)

Ryan Adler (UNOV)

Guillermina-Ruiz-Grane (UNHQ)

Sabela Avión-Martinez (UNOG)

Mercedes López-Lara (UNOG)

Muriel Vabre (UNOV)

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