Quality assurance

Quality assurance

The quality assurance feature allows you to check your translated segments using a basic check or a terminology check or both.  Click the corresponding toggle button to turn each check on and off.

Figure 1- Quality assurance options

Any issues detected by the quality assurance functionality are flagged using exclamation points in a red disk next to the segment number. Hover the mouse pointer on the marker to see a tooltip explaining the issue. In cases of inconsistency, the tooltip indicates the other segment or segments relative to which the inconsistency has been detected.

Figure 2- Quality assurance flags

1. Basic check

Basic check flags the following issues:

  • Inconsistency: If you translate identical segments in different ways or if you translate different segments the same way.
  • Missing items: If there are numbers, dates or document symbols in the source segment which are absent or different in the target segment.

2. UNTERM check

UNTERM check flags the following issues

  • Country names: the system will flag translation of country names that does not correspond to the UNTERM official country name records. This includes cases in which the source has a short name and a long variant is used in the translation, and viceversa.
  • Missing Title: titles in the source segment that were not translated in the target segment using the equivalent in UNTERM. It does not flag records with Type=Terms, given that translation in these cases relies too much on context.
  • Avoid or Superseded terms: these terms appear crossed out in UNTERM and will be flagged as such if used in the translation. These are the only record Type=Term that are used in QA.