The Terminology icon includes options to work with terminology, both to record new terms and titles in UNTERM or to keep track of terms used in a particular job or coordinated with colleagues.

1. Suggest a record

The Suggest a record option under the Terminology icon allows users to suggest new records for inclusion in UNTERM.


                                                                                        Figure 1 - Suggest a record option

When clicking on Suggest a record, you will be taken to the UNTERM form. Make sure to include the following information:

a) The Term or Title that you are suggesting.

b) The Source of the term.

c) A Definition, which should be brief and include its source.

d) The Context or paragraph in which the term is used.

e) A Subject and, if applicable, a Body.

f) If you are translating, include also the Target term for your language including a) the source of the translation you are proposing, b) a definition of the translated term, if necessary (e.g. if the target is English), and c) the context, i.e the sentence in which you found the translation you are proposing.

g) Use the comment section to provide additional details for the terminology team.

h) If you need the term to be reviewed by a certain date, make sure to select a Due Date.

  **Note that this form is not used to suggest corrections or new terms for existing records. To learn more about how to suggest terms, review the Feedback mechanism slides.**

2. Shared Terms

The Shared terms function allows users to keep track of new terms used in a particular job, coordinate terminology with colleagues in shared jobs, and run QA checks to ensure consistency.

2.1. Accessing Shared Terms

To access the Shared Terms function, go to the Terminology menu and click on Shared Terms. A pop-up will open where you will store your terms or phrases.


                                                                                            Figure 2 - Shared Terms option

2.2. Adding terms

To add new terms or phrases to the Shared Terms panel, follow these steps:

a) Click on Add to add a new row.

b) Insert a term or phrase under Source term, followed by its translation under Target term. Use the Comment field to provide clarifications, if necessary.

c) Click on the check mark (picture) to save your term.

d) To edit a saved term, click on the pencil (picture), make your changes, and save by clicking on the check mark. 

e) To delete terms, click on the red cross (picture).

f) To add more terms, click on Add to insert more rows.

g) To exit, click anywhere on the screen, press escape or click Close.


                                                                                       Figure 2 - Shared Terms panel


**Note that terms added to the Shared Terms panel can be seen and edited by all users working under the same job number.**

2.3. Shared terms detection

The terms or phrases added to the Shared Terms panel are detected by eLUNA and displayed in the terminology panel and in the QA check.

a) Terminology panel

   When a Shared Term appears in a sentence, it will be automatically listed in the terminology panel with the indication “shared terms” in brackets.


                                                                                Figure 4 - Shared Terms in the terminology panel

b) QA check

To check if the translation you have used matches the one in the Shared Terms panel, go to QA check and turn the Shared Terms option ON.


                                                                                 Figure 5 - Shared Terms option in QA check menu

   When a shared term appears in a sentence and your translation is different from the one you indicated in the Shared Terms panel, a warning icon will be displayed and the source term will be highlighted in red. 


                                                                                     Figure 6 - Shared Terms option in QA check menu