5. Special cases

In this chapter, we explain the steps that are normally followed in special cases, such as reissues. The standard operating procedures in your organization might set different steps. Always consult your supervisor to make sure you are following the procedure in force in your section.

1. Discrepancies between the original (English) and the target language

During alignment, you might encounter discrepancies such as missing text. If there is missing text in the bitext (English or target language), notify the Front Desk. Meanwhile, leave the row or cell as is until further instruction. Once the discrepancy is resolved, make the necessary corrections. If a document is to be replaced on ODS due to resolved discrepancies, a reissue request should be submitted to your corresponding documents management section.

NOTE: Do not correct text to improve the translation or correct a mistake. Always notify the Front Desk or your supervisor to obtain guidance when you come across a mistake.

2. Dealing with reissues

To avoid redoing alignment entirely when a document is reissued, you may follow the steps outlined below: 

  • When a reissue is about to be logged out, the Front Desk should verify whether the previous version has been manually aligned.
  • If so, before logging out the Reissue, open the manually aligned file in Document Storage. 
  • Right click on the open bitext and choose “Save As” from the list.


  • Save the document as Webpage HTML only in a convenient location.
  • Go to gDoc and upload the original bitext under the reissue job number (Category: Other; Label: Original bitext).


  • Once the previously aligned bitext file is uploaded to gDoc, the Front Desk logs out the reissue.
When the reissue is logged out, a new automatically aligned bitext will be created in Document Storage. Follow the steps below to reinstate the manually aligned text and incorporate the reissue changes manually.
  • Go to gDoc, access the Reissue job, download the original bitext to a convenient location on your computer.
  • Open your browser and go to https://conferences.unite.un.org/DocumentStorage, search for the aligned file.
  • Open the Bitext Aligner, click File – Replace with TMX.
  • Choose the file you just saved and incorporate only the new changes of the reissue and Save.