Contractor Management Application (CMA/MyCM) - Quick Start Guide for Agencies

  • 1. Introduction

    The DCPMS Contractor Management Application (CMA) processes jobs that are sent for external services. It is used to manage the global roster of contractors, process contracts and orders online, … more

  • 3. Accepting a new job in MyCM

    One of the features of the CMA is the automatic e-mail notification, which is sent to the agency’s default e-mail address once a new document is offered through the application. After receiving … more

  • 4. Working with your document in MyCM

    The “Contractor Detail” section will list all your pending documents with accepted orders under the “Contracts” tab. Please make sure that the “Orders In process” … more

  • 5. Uploading your document in MyCM

    Once you finish your translation, please use the green up arrow button to upload your translation. This will open an additional dialogue box (Fig. 5.1):

    Figure 5.1 - Uploading Your Translation … more

  • 6. Using the advance upload control tool in MyCM

    Should you need to upload several big files (more than 20 Mb each) to one of your jobs, you can use the advance upload control tool. Please follow these simple steps. Locate the job required by … more

  • 9. Running a report on pending jobs in MyCM

    You can run a report to see a list of your pending jobs. Please click on the “Reports” link in the menu section on the left side of the screen and click the “Contractor jobs” … more

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