Contractor Management Application (CMA) - Quick Start Guide for Contractors

  • 1. Overview

    The Contractor Management Application (CMA) processes jobs that are sent for external services. It is used to manage the global roster of contractors, process contracts and orders online, … more

  • 3. Terms and Conditions Package (T&C Package)

    The Terms and Conditions Package is the first item in the "Dashboard Area" of CMA. This package replaces the Standing Offer Package, which was previously sent to contractors working for CTU UNHQ, and … more

  • 4. Assignments

    All duty stations are now using "Assignments" to offer new jobs to external contractors. 

    An automatic notification, similar to the one shown below, is sent out to the contractor as soon as the … more

  • 5. Accessing Files in CMA

    File downloading and uploading of completed files is done using the Documents Explorer pop-up window, which is displayed by clicking the button as shown below:

    Dashboard (Offered Assignments … more

  • 6. Signing your Contract P.104 in CMA

    After receiving an automatic email notification that your contract is ready to be signed, please log in to the eConference Portal and go to CMA. The contract that is awaiting your signature will be … more

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