DCPMS 2.0 - Contractor Management Application (CMA) - Quick Start Guide

  • 1. Introduction

    The DCPMS Contractor Management Application (CMA) processes jobs that are sent for external services. It is used to manage the global roster of contractors, process contracts (for UNOV and UNON), … more

  • 3. CMA Home Screen (Default Page)

    After logging in, the user will be directed to the home screen. The home screen consists of the menu pane on the left side and the main screen on the right (Fig. 3.1):

    Figure 3.1 – The Home … more

  • 4. The Contractors Section (Global Roster)

    A roster of contractors for each duty station can be viewed by clicking on the “Contractors” link in the left menu pane  (Fig. 4.1):

    Figure 4.1 – Accessing the Roster

    By … more

  • 5. Adding a New Contractor to the Roster

    To add a new contractor to the roster, please click the “Contractors” link in the menu pane to open the list of contractors. Click the “Add New” link at the top of the screen. … more

  • 7. Finishing a Job

    As mentioned in the previous section of this manual, after a contractor or an agency uploads a job in the CMA it can be viewed in the lower part of the home screen (Fig. 7.1):

    Figure 7.1 – … more

  • 9. Contracts, Orders, Retainer Orders

    This section of the manual is dedicated to the description of the paperless workflow and authorization of assignments, manifests, contracts, orders,  retainer orders and standing orders.  … more

  • 10. Retainer Contracts (UNOV only)

    Retainer contracts section covers the electronic workflow of contracts for contractors working under a retainer contract. To be able to create a new retainer contract for a contractor, it is … more

  • 11. Reports

    There are several reports available in CMA. They can be accessed by using the “Reports” group in the menu pane (Fig. 11.1):

    Figure 11.1 – Reports Available in CMA

    Please see the … more

  • 12. Admin and Maintenance Functions


    The “Admin Functions” section can be accessed through the menu pane of CMA. It covers three main areas: agency contracts, retainer contracts and signatures (Fig. 12.1): … more

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