DCPMS 2.0 - Function of the Division of Conference Services

  • Introduction

     The Division of Conference Services (DCS) at the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) is responsible, through the Documents Management Unit (DMU) of the … more

  • Style and format

    United Nations documents and publications are issued in the style and standard format adopted by the Organization, as set out in the United Nations Editorial Manual Online.

    In … more

  • Word limits/Time limits

    Documents submitted by the Secretariat should not exceed 8,500 words.

    Members States, which may submit documents above the above limits, are encouraged to synthesize information as much as … more

  • Submission standards

    In accordance with the instructions set out in the United Nations Editorial Manual Online and in the editorial directive on “Standards for the preparation and submission of … more

  • The documentation chain

    Once submitted through DCPMS, reports and publications are processed in the following order:

     Document Management Unit (DMU) reviews and verifies the mandates, length, presentation and … more

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