DCPMS 2.0 - Language Support Team Module - Quick Start Guide

  • 1. Introduction

    This manual explains how to receive and return electronic D1s and documents (e-flow) and how to enter job assignments and other information for production monitoring in the Language Support Team … more

  • 8. Working with the integrated staff file

    As mentioned in the introduction of this guide, keeping the data in the integrated staff file up-to-date ensures that the data produced by productivity related reports is correct. To access the … more

  • 9. Using the Job Search

    To access the job search, please use the “Search” link in the menu pane in the left upper corner of the screen. The job search will be displayed in the main window (Fig. 9.1):

    Figure … more

  • 10. Using the reporting functionality

    To access the reporting functionality of the Language Support Team Module, click the “Reports” link in the menu pane. A list of available reports will be displayed in the main window … more

  • 11. Additional features

    There are still a few features that we would like to mention in this guide. The first feature is the “Today’s Events” panel. It can be opened by clicking the red … more

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