VINTARS - Quick Start Guide

  • 1. Introduction

    The VINTARS (the Vienna INternet Terminology And Reference System) application is used to store and manage official UN translations of terms, titles and acronyms in all 6 official UN languages, as … more

  • 2. How to access VINTARS

    VINTARS is available on the eConference Portal for registered users. It can also be started by using the following link:

    To log in to the … more

  • 4. Searching for a term, title or acronym in VINTARS

    To start a new search, click the "Search" link in the menu pane. A new search form will be displayed in the main screen (Fig. 4.1). Type in the term or title in the "TERM/TITLE" field or the acronym … more

  • 5. Adding a new term or title to VINTARS

    To add a new term or a title to VINTARS, please click the "New Term" or "New Title" link in the menu pane. Depending on your selection, a new term or title form will be displayed in the main screen … more

  • 6. Using the VINTARS+ module

    VINTARS+ module was created to allow a group of users to share and discuss the translation of a possible entry prior to its publishing as a final entry into VINTARS. An authorized user of the … more

  • 7. Using the reporting functionality in VINTARS

    To access the reporting functionality of VINTARS, please choose the "Reporting" option from the menu pane (Fig. 7.1):

    Figure 7.1 - The Reporting Functionality of VINTARS

    To open a report, click … more

  • 8. Other guides

    Please note that the previous version of the user guide can be accessed here. more

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