DCPMS Client Services - Manual for Submitting Officers

  • 1. Introduction

    The new documents submission module of DCPMS will enable clients to submit their jobs to Documents Management Unit (DMU) and use forecasts in order to get them processed on time. more

  • 2. How to access the DCPMS Client Services

    The DCPMS Client Services application is available on the eConference Portal for registered users. 

    To log in to the application the user should provide username and password. By default, the … more

  • 4. Forecast

    Click the Search link under the FORECASTS heading in the left nav to view the list of "My Forecasts" or those forecasts created by you. The list is sorted by the expected submission date in … more

  • 5. Forecast Detail

    Forecast list shows only a portion of the data in the forecast document. In order to see the all details of the forecast click the title of the forecast. This will open a page that displays all the … more

  • 6. Creating a New Forecast

    To create a new forecast follow the “Add Forecast” link from the Forecasts > Search.

    This will open a blank forecast page (Fig. 6.1). Some information will be entered for you … more

  • 7. Saving the Forecast

    In order to save a forecast, you have to save any changes made to the forecast form by clicking the "Save" button. As mentioned in previous chapter all mandatory fields (surrounded by red border) … more

  • 8. Forecast Actions

    Following the design pattern in DCPMS2, the action buttons can be found on the upper part of the forecast detail, and their text indicates the action available to you at the current stage (Fig. 8.1). … more

  • 10. Forecast Printing / States Transition Diagram

    If you need a printed version of your forecast click the “Print” icon in the application header (Fig. 10.1). This allows you to save the forecast in PDF file or print a copy of it. … more

  • 11. Forecast E-mail Notifications

    The DCPMS2 has a flexible and quite powerfull notification system. Currently the application will notify forecast's Creator and Consulting Officer, when the forecast's state is changed to:

    1) … more

  • 12. Creating and Submitting a New Request

    Requests related user interface share the same user experiences those used for forecasts. Searching, sorting, paging and working pronciples are the same. The difference is in the workflow for each … more

  • 13. Certifying and Authorizing Requests

    Certifiers and authorizers will receive an e-mail notification each time a request is pending for their approval (Fig.13.1).

    Figure 13.1 - "Certification required" email

    All pending requests … more

  • 14. Job Search and Final Documents

    Click the “Search” link in the main navigation menu to open the Job search page. Enter the search criteria into fields and click the “Search” button. If you want to run a new … more

  • 15. Reports

    The application offers rich reporting functions. You can access reports from "Reports" section of the main left navigation menu (Fig. 15.1).

    Figure 15.1 – Reporting Options of the DCPMS2

    To … more

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