DCPMS Release Notes

  • New Release–Sprint 48

    On Oct. 29th we released DCPMS 2.0 sprint 48. I haven’t had a chance to update users regarding sprints 45, 46, and 47 so I will include those release notes today as well! Below is a support of … more

  • New Release – Sprint 44

    New version 44 was released on 18 September 2012. New features included in this sprint are as follows: QC report available for contractors (without sensitive data) Forecast/Request Counts fixed … more

  • New Release–Sprint 43

    Today a sprint 43 of DCPMS was released to production. One of the highlights of this release for language sections is the ability to link to other jobs with “similar documents”.  See the … more

  • New Release–Sprint 42

    Yesterday afternoon, a new release of DCPMS2 was installed in production.  This release contained the following features and fixes: Forecast Related: Counts in left nav Indication in … more

  • New Releases - Sprint 40 & Sprint 41

    Over the past few weeks we have released DCPMS 2.0 Sprint 40 and as of this afternoon Sprint 41 as well. Here are the release notes for these sprints. Sprint 40: FIXED: Editorial Corrections for … more

  • New Release - Sprint 39

    Tags: DCPMS

    This afternoon, DCPMS2.0 Sprint 39 was released.  The release contained the following features: Forecast workflow enhancements(related to cancellation of forecasts) Workflow History Viewer … more

  • New Release - Sprint 38

    This morning sprint 38 was released to production. Here are the features and fixes delivered in this sprint: New Pending Action workflow(requested by EPU but available for everyone) If a service … more

  • New Release - Sprint 37

    This morning sprint 37 was released. Here are the features implemented: Auditing Framework(as of this release all changes are captured) – there is an Audit Report button available on the assignment … more

  • New Release - Sprint 36

    This afternoon we released sprint 36 of DCPMS2.0 The following features were included in this week’s sprint: Next/Previous buttons on the assignment screen(now you can scroll through jobs without … more

  • Reprise words

    There is new Job property – Reprise words. Together with figures coming from Mercury (OriginalWords, RepriseWords, WorkloadWords) we calculate Workload words for job using the following formula: … more