eReference Tool - Quick Start Guide

  • 1. Introduction

    The eReference Tool is an web‐based application developed for the use of linguistic support staff, translators and editors. The eReference Tool accepts MS Word 2000/2003, 2007 and 2010 documents and … more

  • 2. How to access the eReference Tool

    The eReference Tool is available on the eConference Portal for registered users. It can also be started by using the following link:

    To log in to the … more

  • 3. The eRefererence Tool Home Screen (Default Page)

    After logging in, the user will be directed to the home screen. The home screen consists of the menu pane on the left side and the main screen that displays all documents processed by the signed-in … more

  • 4. Processing a document with the eReference Tool

    To process a new document with the eReference Tool, select the "Add job" option in the menu pane. The main screen will display a list of options (Fig. 4.1):

    Figure 4.1 - Adding a New Job

    Click … more

  • 5. Searching for files in the eReference Tool

    To search for a file in the eReference Tool, go to one of the lists using the menu options (e.g. Group Jobs) and type in the part of the file name in question into the search field and press the … more

  • 7. Other guides

    Please note that the previous version of the user guide can be accessed here. more

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