Release 196 (196.16.1111.1)

Following is the list of user stories for eAPG cleared on the QAT in scope of release 196 (Build: 196.16.1111.1):

70798 A001 Report incorrect for linked meetings                                                                       
68215 BUG: Interpreter grade is not visible in S003 report
68782 BUG: Grade is UNKNOWN on create of Freelancer
70664 BUG: Incorrect ITU email address in APG on Vienna servers
67899 Create report that shows only leave difference information between UMOJA and eAPG

All planned tests have been completed and there are no critical issues that prevent a roll-out to UAT environments of all duty stations as well as iCMS production environment for UNOV, UNON, UNOG and UNHQ.

Unresolved critical issues - NONE

There are no blocking or critical bugs pending correction