eLUNa Editorial - User Guide

  • About this guide

    This guide describes the main functionalities available in the eLUNa Editorial interface, an interface specifically designed for United Nations editors. The guide covers the basic step to edit your … more

  • Accessing eLUNa Editorial

    The eLUNa Editorial interface is hosted in the eConference Portal, which is part of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) integrated Conference Management Systems, and … more

  • Uploading your document to the Intray

    After logging into eLUNa Editorial, you will be taken to the eLUNa Intray, where you can upload the file to be edited. Intrays are divided by duty station and language and display the documents … more

  • The main menu toolbar

    After uploading your file and clicking on Edit, you will be taken to the Editorial interface, where you will see the text to be edited and will have access to a number of menus that we will … more

  • Sources detection and management

    After you upload your document, eLUNa compares it with a repository of UN documents and looks for matching terminology in the UNTERM database. Below we describe these detection functions and options … more

  • Terminology and symbol detection

    After you upload your document, eLUNa looks for matching terminology in the UNTERM database and detects symbols symbols from United Nations documents in order to create a direct link to records and … more

  • Editing your file

    In this chapter, we describe the main steps to edit your file in the Editorial interface, taking advantage of several functionalities, such as contextual menus, reprise and terminology detection, and … more

  • Search tools

    eLUNa Editorial includes both embedded and stand-alone search applications that allow users to look for strings of text in the extensive repository of UN texts available in the six official … more

  • Informational features, help and feedback

    The eLUNa Editorial interface includes menus to retrieve information about your file or job, quick reminders, and a function to request help from the support team when encountering issues or … more

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