eLUNa Guide

  • About this guide

    This guide is intended for United Nations on-site and off-site translators, revisers and verbatim reporters. It provides information and step-by-step instructions for using eLUNa, the United Nations … more

  • Thematic index

    Use this index to find what you're looking for in the eLUNa user guide

    Accessibility: Accessibility featuresAccessing: Accessing eLUNaApply button: Editing and confirming the current … more

  • Accessing eLUNa

    eLUNa is a limited access translation tool. Only authorized language professionals working for one of the organizations of the United Nations that are members of the eLUNa network can access eLUNa. … more

  • Opening files for translation and bookmarking

    1. Opening a file for translation and loading all pages

    Once your file is uploaded and displayed in the Intray, you can open it for translation by clicking the Translate button opposite the file … more

  • Translating

    1. Opening a segment for translation

    To open a segment for translation, click on the target segment (right column).  This will open the edit box, where you can edit your translation. You … more

  • Matches, terminology and document symbol hyperlinks

    After a document is uploaded on eLUNa, the system, through the process of "discovery", searches bitexts of previously translated documents stored in Documents Storage to find matches for each … more

  • Search tools

    1. The eLUNa Search application

    The eLUNa Search application is accessible from your page on the eConference Portal (https://conferences.unite.un.org). It allows you to search the bitexts in all … more

  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

    The quality assurance feature allows you to check your translated segments using a basic check or a terminology check or both.  Click the corresponding toggle button to turn … more

  • Terminology

    The Terminology icon includes options to work with terminology, both to record new terms and titles in UNTERM or to keep track of terms used in a particular job or coordinated with colleagues. … more

  • The Revision Interface

    The revision interface offers the same features and functionalities as the Translation Workspace, plus additional functionalities to allow revisers to revise jobs translated in eLUNa within the … more

  • Informational features, help and feedback

    1. Reference request

    The “Reference request” feature provides additional reference-related assistance to users. If, while translating a given segment, you need help with finding … more

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