gText Update – Sprint 274

Tags: Tapta, Unterm, Bitext aligner, eLUNa, ElasticSearch, eLUNa QA feature, eLUNa Preview

Sprint 274 was released on 17 December 2017. Below there is list of user stories during sprint 274

Work Item Type Title State
90146 User Story DCPMS KT: Clearance check list Closed
89994 User Story Fix Search cluster failures Closed
89982 User Story Modify gText daily monitoring report Closed
89586 User Story Test sprint 274 on DEV Closed
89579 User Story Rollout Sprint 274 Closed
89560 User Story Set up web-proxy Octopus deployment (PRD) Closed
89531 User Story Implement TAPTA balancing Closed
89526 User Story Setup TAPTA aligner in PRD Closed
89851 User Story QA - Automation Editorial Closed
89439 User Story UNTerm redirection for test domain Closed
89635 User Story UNTerm redirection in prod Closed
89158 User Story Bitext Aligner: Experimental aligner not responding Closed
87442 User Story Bitext Aligner: ROADBLOCK - Operation failed and other error messages Closed
87928 User Story eLUNa: Preview (continued) Closed
86809 User Story Bitext Aligner: Adjustments to EN-ZH aligner Closed
88146 User Story eLUNa: Quality Assurance (part 3) Closed
89458 User Story Shutdown of UNTerm production environment in NY Closed
88371 User Story eLUNa: DE-UNHQ - Important bitext does not show up in eLUNA Closed
82648 User Story UNTERM: wildcards in searches Closed
89203 User Story UNTERM: Update Elastic/Nest to the latest version Closed