gText Update – Sprint 275

Tags: Unterm, Editorial Interface, eLUNa, Tapta, eLUNa QA feature, eLUNa Preview

Sprint 275 was released on 30 December 2017. Below there is list of user stories during sprint 275

Work Item Type Title
90975 User Story Investigate IM cluster issues
90556 User Story Re: ROADBLOCK: Feedback form non-responsive - UNTERM
90496 User Story Remove all Elasticsearch v2 instances (QAT, Prod)
90456 User Story Production Audit 15/12/2017
90825 User Story DBA_gTextStatistics_Production_Daily error
90624 User Story Testing on Dev
90528 User Story Fix css bundles for eLunaUI, eLunaSearchUI web sites
90129 User Story Move Octopus tentacle to C: drive
90459 User Story DBA_gTextStatistics_Production_Daily - modify report
90336 User Story Rollout Sprint 275
90076 User Story eLUNa: 2015 Intray
88641 User Story Editorial: bold and italics
89847 User Story Editorial: Track changes issues in exported document
83584 User Story Editorial: Track changes undone when segments merged
90128 User Story eLUNa: Quality Assurance (part 4)
90732 User Story Automate Task 90301:Add template removal to cleaning job
90166 User Story eLUNa: Preview (editing - part1)
88456 User Story Editorial: footnote delete button should not stay on
89169 User Story eLUNa: term incorrectly inserted in edit box
90080 User Story UNTERM: add elastic connection pool
89514 User Story eLUNa: checkmark and arrow behaviour in Discovery
89508 User Story eLUNa: change text in pop-up
90782 User Story Automate Task 90334:Report an issue email: translation interface changes
85592 User Story Report an issue email
89446 User Story Clean up old app data
88634 User Story Editorial: users do not have access to "report an issue"
88191 User Story TAPTA: numbers mistranslated (EN>AR)
90535 User Story Update TAPTA models (part 1)
89716 User Story Setup gText reports in DCPMS
90445 User Story Document Storage: Resolve gDoc/iDCPMS duplicates in Geneva (next round)
90787 User Story Migrate DocumentConvertService from UNVWIN246 to UNVWIN263
88777 User Story Doc Storage: Associate manual bitext to new document
90553 User Story Update existing software with the new lincenses