gText Update – Sprint 278

Tags: Unterm, Document storage, eLUNa, eLUNa QA feature, Unesco

Sprint 278 was released on 18 February 2018. Below there is list of user stories during sprint 278:

93344 User Story Tapta Monitoring
93054 User Story BB Alerts
92939 User Story Roadblock - UNTERM - Definition cannot be saved
92913 User Story UNTERM performance test on production
92856 User Story DBA_gTextStatistics_Production_Daily  report
92801 User Story Document Storage: Resolve gDoc/iDCPMS duplicates in Geneva
92797 User Story New job for document repository
92751 User Story Create indices for 2018 QAT
92701 User Story Production Audit
92583 User Story Troubleshoot and fix automation
92550 User Story Alignment status report
92434 User Story SSD upgrade on 215
92405 User Story BiText DWH reports for Natalia
92183 User Story eLUNa: unable to upload file
92106 User Story UNESCO Azure implementation
92040 User Story BiTextAligner experimental service should run on multiple servers 
92039 User Story MissingBiTextBuilder service should work on multiple servers
92007 User Story eLUNa: QA
91996 User Story Editorial: Add Export option
91988 User Story eLUNa: Toggle case (part 2)
91616 User Story Automate User Story 88146:eLUNa: Quality Assurance (part 3)
89401 User Story Setup UNESCO Azure environment