gText Update – Sprint 291

Tags: Unesco, Azure, Tapta, Shorcuts, Bitext Repository, Document storage

Sprint 291 was released on 29th September 2018. Below there is list of user stories during sprint 291:

ID Work Item Type Title
110397 User Story New servers configuration selection
110257 User Story gText knowledge transfer
109373 User Story Other tasks
111159 User Story Rework logging inside WorkflowTaskBase that throws exceptions (Hotfix)
109501 User Story Cosmo database in Azure
111103 User Story Sprint 291 - Production Testing
109499 User Story SQL Database in Azure
109273 User Story Document Repository Migration
109261 User Story DevOps Azure maintenance
109246 User Story DBA Production Tasks
109220 User Story Standup meetings
109210 User Story Azure UN
109845 User Story UNESCO import in production
109691 User Story Accessibility (pop-ups) Part2
109356 User Story QAT Sprint 291
109048 User Story Use robots.txt on UNTERM
107827 User Story shortcuts
109053 User Story shortcuts (part 2)
108307 User Story Remove IndexState from BiTextRepository
108305 User Story Remove IndexState from MercurySearch
108669 User Story Backlog clean up
108477 User Story Rebuild all TAPTA.NET models
108880 User Story Implement Service Bus (WorkflowState replacement) (Part 1)
105396 User Story Tapta fails to translate young into French
105353 User Story TAPTA: subscript translated as #num#
105227 User Story Tapta: translation of SC resolutions into Arabic
104462 User Story Tapta: do not use the translations in the list below for translation into French
101521 User Story TAPTA: quotation marks
99796 User Story Tapta: translation of country names into Chinese
101942 User Story TAPTA: Word dólares added in middle of number
101087 User Story TAPTA: #num# inserted at the beginning of segment
101161 User Story TAPTA (EN>FR): un translated in capitals Part 3
95391 User Story TAPTA: country names mistranslated
93362 User Story TAPTA: number rendered as #num# (English -> Spanish)
92753 User Story TAPTA: multiple commas (EN>FR)
92665 User Story TAPTA: Symbols (EN>AR)
92593 User Story TAPTA: para.X not correctly translated into Chinese
87433 User Story TAPTA (>EN): country names and proper nouns
97504 User Story TAPTA: session number omitted
105420 User Story TAPTA - Testing after rebuild of Models
108833 User Story Fix deletion from indexes
108842 User Story Remove StatisticsSearch table from UNTERM
108870 User Story Rollout Sprint 291
109383 User Story Administrative Tasks
108877 User Story Merge 290->291