gText Update – Sprint 293

Tags: Unesco, Azure, Tapta, Shorcuts, Bitext Repository, Document storage

Sprint 293 was released to PROD on 18th October 2018. Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 293:

IDWork Item TypeTitle
112968 User Story Test performance in Vienna
112870 User Story DBA Production Tasks
112831 User Story Administrative Tasks
112778 User Story QAT Sprint 293
112621 User Story Change to new NuGet server
112623 User Story Add Deepl as translation source - move to 293
112723 User Story Deployment Activities
110993 User Story Translations not getting saved
112624 User Story Segment-level formatting - move to 293
112626 User Story Accessibility: shortcuts in eLUNa Help menu - move to 293
112627 User Story Deletes are displayed by additions without track changes - move to 293
112749 User Story Rollout Sprint 293
112850 User Story Standup meetings