Sprint 296 was released to PROD on 25th November 2018. Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 296:

IDWork Item TypeTitle
115930 User Story Investigate BiText aligner issue
115916 User Story Slow search performance IM and Substring Azure QAT
114141 User Story Meeting: Issue increasing licenses for Azure Artifacts
113898 User Story Review SEQ to identity critical issues before clearance
113838 User Story Do not update elastic index data in IndexUpdate task in case index does not exist
113835 User Story Change Intray to use UTC
113891 User Story QAT Sprint 296
113819 User Story Fix the problem in the pipeline of Octopus DB changes deployment
113816 User Story Reduce load on Elastic by making sure that LookupParallel hits one server only
113815 User Story Remove ServerSpecific fields from WorkflowState and WorkflowStateDefinition tables
113817 User Story Fix issues of not being able to create a workflowstate in DocumentStorage application
113828 User Story Migrate DocumentRepository data access layer from LLBLGen to EntityFramework part 3
113813 User Story Change Nest connection to balanced connection
113814 User Story Migrate Workflow time to UTC for bitext repository
115773 User Story Connect Azure SMT server to eLuna
113818 User Story Remove 9 document limit from Experimental Aligner
113811 User Story Clean up TM Service code
113812 User Story Tags of documents should not need to match to be indexed
113766 User Story Merge 295 -> 296
113769 User Story Rollout Sprint 296
113962 User Story Standup meetings
113996 User Story Administrative tasks