Sprint 297 was released to PROD on 30th November 2018. Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 297:

ID Work Item Type Title
116642 User Story Sprint 297 Production Testing
116130 User Story Set Azure Prod TAPTA.NET as the replacement of Amazon TAPTA.NET
115305 User Story Investigate Terminology indexing issue in Azure Prod
115037 User Story MercuryTM service does not start automatically in Azure QAT
115207 User Story QAT - Regression Test for Sprint 294 Prod
115125 User Story Add Elastic cluster status monitoring in Azure start scripts
115120 User Story OIC Duties
114550 User Story Standup Meetings
114494 User Story DBA Production Tasks
114785 User Story Production issues - Editorial IM issue
114378 User Story QAT - Sprint 297
113918 User Story Term not detected
110091 User Story VRS: planning reviewed (part 1)
111472 User Story Reference on demand: link to DHL form
114144 User Story Editorial bridge: adjustments to display
107632 User Story Emails
114108 User Story Merge 296=> 297
114111 User Story Rollout Sprint 297
114085 User Story Create build server in Azure DGACM
114413 User Story Administrative Tasks
114029 User Story Terminology issues
114878 User Story CISSP Training
114875 User Story ASDK status report