gText Update – Sprint 298

Tags: Terminology, Country names, Document storage, Azure

Sprint 298 was released to PROD on 10th December 2018. Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 298:

ID Work Item Type Title
116832 User Story Investigate Terminology search slowness on QAT
115530 User Story Deploy 295 to Azure Prod
115379 User Story DBA Production Tasks
115362 User Story Standup meetings
115705 User Story QAT - Sprint 298
115453 User Story Investigate issues with IM editorial indexing
115279 User Story Merge 297 -> 298
115264 User Story Rollout Sprint 298
114965 User Story Update Aspose component before 30.11.2018
114565 User Story DocumentConvertService should be deployed by Octopus
114186 User Story Cache reading of CountryNames
114654 User Story Deactivate separated users
114559 User Story Remove MSHTML dependency
113240 User Story Change email addresses from
113225 User Story Sync task resets Indexing on the running workflow states
115416 User Story Administrative Tasks
115516 User Story Update test for interviewees
116408 User Story Extend Elastic clusters for DGACM
117192 User Story Review SEQ to identity critical issues before clearance