Sprint 299 was released to PROD on 20th December 2018. Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 299:

ID Work Item Type Title
118324 User Story Production Test - Sprint 299
116904 User Story Personal client-to-site certificates creation
116884 User Story Investigate issue with Chinese tokenizing
116825 User Story Investigate BiText duplicates in Production
116808 User Story Exclude Amazon server from TAPTA.NET servers list
115923 User Story eLUNa: Azure production testing
115815 User Story Azure issues with the start up investigation
116232 User Story Azure testing (part 2)
116269 User Story Investigate slowness of eRef searching in UNESCO Prod
117232 User Story Disable history in FileSync service
117101 User Story Add Russian to DeepL combinations
116640 User Story Add Tencent engine to eLUNa
116187 User Story SEQ and Logstash issues investigation
116159 User Story Starting/Monitoring Azure environments
116128 User Story OIC Duties
115877 User Story DBA Production tasks
115830 User Story Use hybrid runbook workers for starting Azure environment
115800 User Story Standup Meeting
116722 User Story investigate difference alignment produced by Vienna and Azure Prod server
115706 User Story QAT - Sprint 299
115521 User Story Fix and optimize editorial IM indexing
115858 User Story Shift+End should revert to browser behaviour in Edit box
115245 User Story Terminology should be detected in footnotes
115464 User Story VRS: Add Take option to Intray
112949 User Story VRS: planning reviewed (Part 2)
111672 User Story Experimental aligner adjustments (Part 2)
105111 User Story Zoom fails to increase font size
105130 User Story QA: country name false mismatch in French
105133 User Story QA: country name false mismatch in Spanish
105134 User Story QA: country name false mismatch in Arabic
115433 User Story Review SEQ to identify critical issues before clearance
115427 User Story Rollout sprint 299
115424 User Story Merge 298 -> 299
115793 User Story Administrative Tasks
116678 User Story Automation of eLUNa performance
117853 User Story Reconfigure TAPTA.NET servers without Amazon