gText Update – Sprint 300

Tags: Bitext aligner, Unterm, Editorial Bridge, Azure, Unesco

Sprint 300 was released to PROD on 03rd January 2019. Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 300:

ID Work Item Type Title
117682 User Story Investigate Update management issues in Azure on Linux
117678 User Story Investigate while emails are not send from web-prod-vm2
117497 User Story Investigate an issues with UNESCO emails not sent form UNTerm
117490 User Story Review alerts from Azure prod
117449 User Story Investigate issue with BiTextAligner not being able to open document
117429 User Story Investigate issue with Web-Applications in Prod DGACM not being able to start
117402 User Story Extract data from UNTERM
116759 User Story Review Advisor recommendations
116038 User Story Make all C# projects of DocumentRepository solution using .Net Framework 4.6.1
117422 User Story UNTerm UNESCO merge
117177 User Story Standup meetings
117007 User Story Merge 299->300
116992 User Story DBA Production Tasks
111473 User Story UNTERM duplicate cleanup
116357 User Story DocRepositoryFileSyncService in UNESCO production is not able to sync/download files from Vienna Prod
117411 User Story Reconfigure BiTextAlignment service in UNESCO Prod to use Terminology cluster
117021 User Story QAT Sprint 300
117016 User Story Review SEQ to identity critical issues before clearance
116061 User Story Update documentation to reflect dependency of BiText Aligner on Elastic
117002 User Story Rollout Sprint 300
116053 User Story Search for a library which can do GetWords in Chinese
116698 User Story PROD Issue: BiTextRepository - DuplicateDocIDs UNVCMSSQL1\SQL1
116556 User Story Consolidation of Packages
116547 User Story Extend DGACM for redundancy
116372 User Story Mercury Services in UNESCO production are not able to pass message to SignalR
116806 User Story Administrative Tasks
104625 User Story Review bitext-bridge (BitextJournal/cleanup)
118265 User Story Address issues found in SEQ for the sprint 299