gText Update – Sprint 305

Tags: Sprint 305

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 305:

IDWork Item TypeTitle
122859 User Story Change Transformation for Vienna PROD
122366 User Story Investigate issue found during roll out
122272 User Story gMeets: Deployment of Meetings Team projects to
121542 User Story BiText building for UN is done in Azure
119973 User Story FileSync does not sync files uploaded by FileManager
114630 User Story Move Octopus Server to Azure
120340 User Story Octopus Azure Migration
121647 User Story Rollout Sprint 305
122102 User Story QAT Testing
122280 User Story QAT Automation
122940 User Story QAT Sprint 305 eLUNa
122790 User Story QAT Sprint 305 UNTERM
122143 User Story Administrative Tasks
122183 User Story Standup meetings
122970 User Story QAT Sprint 305 Editorial
122145 User Story Setup QAT JAWS environment
116457 User Story Add role to delete files
121499 User Story New discovery sorting (part 1)
120473 User Story Bridge display
120588 User Story Accessibility: Edit box
121536 User Story Maintain database priority for record detection
107216 User Story New UNOV resolutions
122516 User Story eLUNa: terminology not detected
122469 User Story Journal Update refactoring in UNTERM
120472 User Story Accessibility: Interface navigation
117981 User Story Change not tracked, not reflected on export
87633 User Story Cursor jumps to start position
118313 User Story Editorial/VRS: Editing hyperlinked symbols
122341 User Story Addressing issues after rollout of Sprint 304
120583 User Story Accessibility: radio buttons in bitext window not labeled
120586 User Story Accessibility: Some menu items are announced as "read only"
121654 User Story Merge 304->305
122033 User Story Allow access for new role "Coordination" on all ExternalTranslator files
120585 User Story Accessibility: Index selection link does not indicate whether the index is ON or OFF
122856 User Story Setup Automation test builds
122738 User Story Setup Automation environment