gText Update – Sprint 315

Below is the list of user stories for the sprint 315:

64022 eLUNa bug handling of placeables in yellow 100% matches
80697 UNTERM: country names
85905 eLUNa Search: Allow for multiple target languages
93311 eLUNa: autotranslate from terminology
102792 Autoreplaced segments should override autotranslation
102793 Foonote markers should remain in place when segments are autoreplaced
107215 eLUNa Search results fail to reflect Symbol
111707 UNTERM: remove CHTERM, RUTERM and ARABTERM duplicates against UNHQ
120806 UNTERM: duplicated content in Unesco
121500 QA: Chinese country names incorrectly flagged
123998 eLUNa: do not replace placeables in Discovery (eLUNa draft)
124403 eLUNa: UNTERM records excluded at language level are still detected
127620 UNTERM: Custom sorting for countries
127924 eLUNa: punctuation not changed in numbers
128099 UNTERM: run duplicate prototype agains UNESCO dataset
128670 UNTERM: duplicate packages
130163 UNTERM: make General Description field editable
132998 UNTERM: Unesco autoexport adjustments
133703 eLuna Search Language Dropdown default value
134099 eLUNa: string match result appears off screen
134331 Standups
134456 eLuna: no segmentation at dot
134581 eLUNa: manually added bitexts are appearing first in Discovery
134743 eLUNa: autotranslated segments in eluna draft
134976 Editorial: QA: UNTerm check avoid terms support
135092 eLUNa: 100% matches with placeables behaviour
135108 eLUNa Search: settings not remembered
136234 Changes in email addresses
136564 New UNOV resolutions issued
136831 Editorial: track changes error
137079 Updating UNTERM main and indexing apps to use the new DAL
137231 eLUNa Search: Results view switch
137251 eLUNa Search: allow for monolingual searches
137476 Editorial: edited text appears as original text
137656 eLUNa Search: Change Symbol search to case insensitive
137696 Standup meetings 315
137719 Onboarding DK
137937 eLUNa XML converter: "Annex" building
138004 QA basic check - numerals and symbols in Arabic
138005 eLUNa XML converter: Preamble Qualification
138163 Administrative tasks
138202 eLUNa XML converter: structural markup Part 4
138203 eLUNa XML converter: "Annex" markup
138204 eLUNa XML converter: Qualification rules in accordance with document "project.docx"
138337 eLUNa XML converter: CP2 Integration
138456 Review SEQ to identify critical issues before clearance
138458 Rollout sprint 315
138464 Merge code
138476 Devops tasks
138565 Create skeleton for DocxToXmlUI application
138589 Merge CQRS + VueJs + Typescript changes of UNTERM to main branch
138639 eLUNa Search: Switch to ajax requests
138646 eLUNa XML converter: Building UI
138803 eLUNa Search: Preserve user selected Years filter
139172 New Azure env smoke testing
139186 Automation Fix and Execution
139314 UNTerm should use as send from address
139440 Issues with production
139463 Meetings
139568 UNESCO BiTexts should be built in Azure UN US2
139759 Automation of Editor cleanup
140004 Scripts for 2020 Index
140471 Reporting stats for MATOMO
140504 eLUNa Search: expand search results
140765 Update Mercury app to use the new UNTERM DAL
140981 Initial Setup
141264 MercuryAutomation - get tests running automatically
141531 eLUNa: QA - UNTERM Check - is flagging Terms
141533 eLUNa: QA UNTERM check - superseded or avoid flag
141604 Regression Testing Sprint 315
141977 KT for new joinee: Execute eLUNA Regression Test case
142368 KT for new joinee: Execute eLUNA Regression Test case
142416 Limit number of records which are expanded in show more
142648 KT for new joinee: Execute eLUNA Regression Test case : Part 3
142912 KT for new joinee: Execute eLUNA Regression Test case : Part 4
143121 KT for new joinee: Execute eLUNA Regression Test case : Part 5
143343 KT for new joinee: Execute eLUNA Regression Test case : Part 6
143848 KT for new joinee: Execute eLUNA Regression Test case : Part 7