DCPMS User Management Process

  • Introduction

    The intention of this manual is to show and explain the possible scenarious in user management. Users in DCPMS2.0 are roughly divided into the two groups:

    Clients - users from various … more

  • HOW TO: Create a new client user

    Clients can be managed by the users or the DPCMS2.0 with the explicit permission function [ViewContacts]. Permissions in DCPMS2.0 are also manageable and at the moment this function is granted to … more

  • HOW TO: Disable a user

    If there is a need to prevent a user from using the system (e.g. user is retired), it can be done from the Contact page. For example if we want to disable a user : John Smith; 

    Click the link … more

  • HOW TO: Manage one's own email preferences

    One of the DCPMS2.0 advantages is ability for user to manage his/hers own email preferences. In the prior systems, it was ususaly done on the group membership basis. Once you are a member of a … more

  • HOW TO: Manage one's own profile

    Each individual user of the system is able to manage the basic personnel information.

    Select your Profile detail:

    And update information on the detail page:

    You should be careful when … more

  • HOW TO: Create a new staff member

    User with the sufficient right in the system can create a new staff member. Usualy that will be done within the section by the section administrator.

    On the menu select item Staff.

    That will … more

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