Using Digital Recordings

To expand the list of meetings, click the plus sign (clip_image002[1]) to the left of the session title.


To collapse the list of meetings, click the minus sign (clip_image006[1]) to the left of the session title.


Option 1: To listen to a specific intervention without downloading the whole meeting file

To open the streaming web audio player, click on the Speakers Log with Audio Recordings link (clip_image010[1]).

In a new window you will get the list of the interventions with an audio player. On the top right you can select the language you wish to listen to. The actual time of the intervention is under the From and To columns and the elapsed time, relative to the beginning of the recording is under Time elapsed. Agenda Item and Remarks are also noted, if any, along with the original delivery Language of the intervention.

To listen to an intervention, click the play icon (clip_image012[1]) next to it.


The number on the left shows the current position in the file and the right number shows the total length of the track. You can pause or stop the playback, and skip forward or backward by using the player controls.


You can change the language by selecting it clip_image018[1] and pressing again the play icon (clip_image019[1]) next to it the intervention.

Option 2: To download the entire file of the meeting

All available languages for the audio recordings are displayed to the right of the loudspeaker icon (clip_image021[1]). To download the audio file of a meeting, click on the desired language. Thereafter, you can listen to the MP3 file by your media player at your convenience.


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